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artwork fabric on sewing machine



ki-na-ra; a hindi word meaning edge or border, like margin of a page or a river bank or end of a road.

What usually seems to be the end of something or an extra space towards end, isn't end. It can be a beginning to something new. Something worthwhile.

All we need is to reach that kinara and try...

raffia sample on handloom
artwork layoutting
raffia fabric
work in progress
planning for artwork
layout of pieces
handwoven sample

Its not about what it is. It is about what it can become.

We are humans. We tend to understand most of the things after its
consequence. Once we have reached the end, we can either leave or find the traces to begin something new. Ask yourself, how will you? And if you have found out, you are halfway there.

With environment being the key focus, this collection of artwork presents an approach to use Raffia, a leaf fiber indigenous to Madagascar, by weaving it on traditional handlooms for creating art.

herda seeds for natural dyeing
indigo brick for natural dyeing
henna for natural dyeing
onion peels for natural dyeing
raffia fibre dyed in madder
raffia fibre dyed in indigo
raffia fibres woven on handloom
raffia fabric
cotton warp on loom
madder powder for natural dyeing
henna and madder dyed raffia yarns

raffia. natural. traditional. handloom.

From the leftovers of graduation project collections, I head out to make the best out of this waste by transforming it into a patchwork panel that can be experienced as a home décor or utility product like cushions, table mats, etc.

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