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Hi. I'm Akshita.

Akshita Jain | Designer

I am 25 and you may know me as

aj. aks.


akki. akku.

akshu. akshi.


Born and brought up in Delhi (India), Akshita Jain is a design enthusiast at heart and a designer by mind with a passion for marketing and retail. Her journey started in 2017 with four years of college; followed by handloom projects; working as textile designer in India’s one of the leading textile mills; graphic design and marketing associate to designer labels of India; sales advisory and visual merchandising in H&M Australia. She holds a bachelor's degree from NIFT, India with a major degree in textile design, and a minor degree in Fashion Retailing. She also gained a certificate in Design Led Strategy for businesses and entrepreneurship from University of Sydney, Australia.

A city bred girl driven by inspiration and compassion, she finds her deepest interests in exploring materials and techniques, whether traditional or modern. With more than 3 years of experience in textile design, print design, digital design and marketing she is passionate about contributing and maintaining partnerships that result in creative wins and drive customer interest and profits with expertise in specialist softwares.


She wishes to achieve an equilibrium for a good design that mutually benefits humans and nonhuman inhabitants.


  • Currently working as sales advisor at H&M, Brisbane, Australia.

  • Currently working as a freelance design and marketing associate.

  • 2 years of experience as a textile designer with Thavki Sarees Pvt. Ltd., India.

  • 1 year of experience as a designer with Label Ankita Jain, India.

  • 4 months of experience as a design intern at Paiwand, India.

  • 6 months of experience on an industry linked Liva Fashion Project by Grasim Industries (Aditya Birla Group) for Hermes. 

  • 3 months of experience as a volunteer at Chennai Photo Biennale co-founded by Goethe Institut.

  • 8 months of experience on Craft Cluster Documentation for the Ministry of Textiles, India.

  • 3 months of experience as a freelance graphic designer at BnC Global, India.

  • 3 months of experience as a freelance graphic designer at International Star Wealth Management (ISWM), India.


Photoshop | Indesign | Illustrator | After Effects | Premier Pro | Corel Draw 

ARAHNE | Weavepoint | Videoscribe | CAD | Microsoft Office | Wix | Canva



Tel: 0435121028

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