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SHARE (Self Help Association for Rural Education and Employment)

Craft Design Project - Brand Collateral

Craft Design Project aims at providing design solutions to the Palm Leaf craft Cluster, Vellore with this intervention. The solutions are focused towards marketing strategies and print collateral for the cluster. It focuses on providing due recognition to the cluster and a broader target market. The craft was primarily documented to understand the present situation and challenges faced by the artisans. A comprehensive study on the craft, artisans and products have led to the given design solutions.

Key Responsibilites

Conducting the secondary research to and record historical, social and cultural data on the craft including information on the cultural lineage and tradition of the craft.

Identify customer base of craft and evaluate latest market trends to generate concepts and new design solutions

Interview to gather information from the craftsmen during fieldwork by administering the questionnaire for diagnostic study of demographics, pre and post production process

To undertake develop a print collateral package i.e. Brochure for domestic and international markets, supported with business card.

Develop a SWOT analysis for the craft to empathise and understand the scope of improvement in the craft.

Iterate the final design solutions

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